The Departure: Barcelona

By Lotuff Leather

Barcelona has long been famed for its miles of beaches, with a gorgeous coastline stretching from practically one end of the city to the other. It’s definitely not unusual to see sand and surf in a place that’s this close to the Mediterranean, but what’s extra special about Barcelona’s beaches is that they’re so lively. 

barcelona beach

About halfway through walking along the water, ellipticals, bikes and uneven bars can be found overlooking the sea-- the most beautiful outdoor gym, and an unexpected call to seize the moment. Keep strolling after your impromptu work-out session, and find beachfront bars dotting the outer reaches of the shore, where it’s never a bad idea to stop for an icy drink. Be sure to try one of the five different mojitos at La Guingueta de l’Escribà with a side of their amazing steamed mussels or ceviche.

frank gehry el peix barcelona

Most of these restaurants offer free lounge chairs to customers, making this a more than worthwhile extended pit stop. Keep wandering, and round out the day with Frank Gehry’s El Peix on the Olympic Marina, a towering, abstract golden fish that serves as one of the city’s primary modern landmarks, glittering in the blazing sunlight.   

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Note: this article was originally published in December 2015 and was updated in May 2017.