The Departure: Scotland I

By Lotuff Leather

St. Andrews, Scotland is a little town most commonly identified for its eponymous university and various golfing opportunities. There’s a lot more to do and see in St. Andrews than its stereotypes and size give it credit for, though– from gorgeous North Sea views to incredible restaurants, it’s one of the best places in the United Kingdom for a quiet weekend away.

 Start off with a meander down St. Andrews Pier, stopping along the path there to explore the castle ruins and the tiny, picturesque Castle Sands beach below. The pier itself overlooks a large harbor and further expanses of sand and sea, and so to walk along its length is to feel very tiny in a powerful way.

Lastly, move ahead to one of the unique, cozy cafés or bistros dotting the streets and countryside alike, such as Balgove Larder, a farm shop and restaurant on the town outskirts where everything is homemade from the source. From their greens to meats and cheeses, it’s hard to find fresher or better dishes. Or pause at The Doll House, a small eatery in the center of town with a warm, inviting atmosphere and enticing fare to match perfectly.  


St. Andrews is a short hop away from Edinburgh. So if you find yourself in Scotland's larger city and yearn for a few days away, grab our Weekender Tote for the perfect three-day bag. 

- Liz Silvia