Introducing the Knot Handbag

By Lotuff Leather

Aside from its intrinsic elegance, our new Knot Handbag brings a truly seamless merging of form and function to our handbag line. Designed with a signature adjustable knot that can be cinched tighter depending on the bag’s contents and a handle that elongates for on-shoulder carry, it’s singular in its engineering without sacrificing any style. 

Lotuff Knot handbag in ochre

Other features of the Knot include both exterior and interior zipper pockets as well as four interior card slots. A 13” MacBook Pro can comfortably fit inside the bag and even be secured with the pull of a strap, holding it tightly in place. The whole handbag is also fully leather-lined for stability and maintenance of its shape. Thanks to this and its adaptable nature, the Knot is guaranteed to achieve years of use from whoever’s lucky enough to own one. 


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