That One Thing: MUJI Hut

By Lotuff Leather

MUJI has been around since the 1980s, and its minimalistic, “no-name” aesthetic has given it an increasingly successful presence in the world of housewares and clothing. Appealing to a crowd that appreciates ingenious design without extravagant flair or flashiness, the Japanese company creates simple objects that deceptively inspire sudden desire. Do you ever walk into a store and feel as though you immediately need to own everything there? MUJI is one of those places.  

More recently, MUJI has delved into the world of tiny houses with their new huts. These one-room abodes are made to to fit easily and beautifully into any landscape, and in their words, “Who hasn’t dreamt of living somewhere they really want to be?” The MUJI Hut is a wonderfully blank slate waiting to be customized and waiting to find its place in the world, wherever that may be. It’s only available in Japan right now, but with any luck, that’ll change sooner rather than later.

I love being out in nature and having a peaceful, reflective time to decompress from daily life. Sometimes you don’t want to really rough it in a tent, nor do you want to go through the headache of building or buying a house—you just want to be in a quiet, beautiful place with some comfortable basics. True to the ethos of MUJI, the simplicity of the MUJI Hut really allows you to appreciate your surroundings rather than the hut itself.