That One Thing: Nite Jewel

By Lotuff Leather

Nite Jewel (also known as Ramona Gonzalez) has been making music for almost ten years, coming a long way since getting her start while still earning an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Inspired by sounds that veer slightly off from the mainstream into experimental territory, her latest album Real High is a tribute to pop divas of the 90s and “an exploration of a happier nostalgia”. 

The first time I saw her, about four or five years ago, I got to go backstage and see the whole sound setup. I’ve been an even bigger fan since then, and I’ve come to notice that a lot of Nite Jewel’s music is focused on technology — and our relationship with technology in this age — which I think is a pretty interesting and unique route to take. She’s a visual artist in addition to being a musician and so has a large hand in the production of most of her videos, something I definitely appreciate as well. Right now, I’m loving the retro Janet Jackson-cool sensation of Real High, and I can feel its slinky, lo-fi pop sound pulling me into the hazy days of summer.