That One Thing: Simon Pearce Nowlan Magnum Carafe

By Lotuff Leather

In 1981, the highly-trained glassblower Simon Pearce opened his Quechee, Vermont studio. Since then, his team of artisans and fellow glassmakers have been turning out beautifully designed and proudly handcrafted pieces under his guidance. Visit Pearce’s studio, with its glassblowing demonstrations and award-winning restaurant, and it becomes clear why the work this company does is so special.

When my mother was registering for her wedding, Waterford was the sought-after brand for cut glass at the time. Beauty seemed to be defined by the details: how many delicate cuts were on the glass, what pattern was selected, and how the intricacy of its design spoke to its craftsmanship. Simon Pearce continually tosses this notion on its head, though, in creating objects such as this one that are visually appealing for their raw purity. As with the shaping of his handblown glasses, you’re forced to somehow consume the whole versus a part- and in doing so, it’s possible to recognize the quality of this artistry that is able to produce something so uncomplicatedly elegant. 

What I personally love about Simon Pearce is the simplicity of their pieces. There is a beauty to each and every one, but out of all that they do, I tend to gravitate to the glassware. The items that have a soft, curved silhouette or a more delicate air — like the Nowlan Magnum Carafe — are some of my favorites. So named for the sculptor after whose work it was modeled, this carafe is natural and fluid in appearance, impressively refined and a stunning example of the wonderful work these artisans do. A mark of good craftsmanship is the ability to make the most simple things appear the most exquisite, and Simon Pearce is a paragon of this fact if ever there was one.

-Liz Silvia

All photos via Simon Pearce and Tweed River Video