The Departure: Dubrovnik

By Lotuff Leather

Facing the middle of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a city that’s more than just one of the gorgeous filming locations for Game of Thrones. This ancient Croatian trading port is home to some incredible Gothic and Baroque-style architecture and art galleries among more modern features like boutiques and wine bars- both within and outside of the walls of the Old Town. 

Begin by stopping at the Gundulićeva Poljana flower and spice market, whether to buy or just admire the array of stalls and items offered. There aren’t many cars here — besides the cable car that climbs up to the city’s peak — so walk or bike to the beaches next, where the water is unbelievably beautiful and surrounded by caves, foliage, and ubiquitous sunshine. Test the waters in a kayak, stay on the sand, or watch from afar with a drink at Buza waterfront bar; there are no bad options. 

Nautika has to be on the list for dinner. It’s a Condé Nast Gold Standard restaurant that specializes in seafood caught right offshore, and its patio has unobstructed views of the city’s famous fortress and sea below. And, finally, stay the night in the Kazbek. This hotel is housed in a converted 16th century castle, almost like its own little walled city-within-a-city, and still retains the original sophistication its builders had in mind. 

Bring along our No. 12 Leather Weekender Bag- it’s the perfect size for an short stay in one of Eastern Europe’s most exquisite locations, as well as a perfect match to its elegance.