The Departure: Périgueux

By Lotuff Leather

Quiet and beautiful, the city of Périgueux is an axis of ancient French history and natural marvels whose allure is profound and culture magical. It’s found in the southwestern Périgord region, which is known for its culinary preeminence and prehistoric marvels: sprawling vineyards, truffle-filled forests, and 17,000-year-old cave paintings are just some of its attributes.

Outdoor markets set up shop twice a week in Périgueux for locals and visitors alike to browse locally sourced products, some of which are the best in the entire country. Stop by in the morning, and be sure not to miss the seasonal specialties. Right now, there’s the foie gras and black truffle markets for which this place is so well known- but in the summer, strawberries run the scene. 

Move on to the Museum of Art and Archaeology, which first opened in the 1800s and has been showcasing collections of ancient French, African, and Oceanic creations ever since. Exhibitions change every few months, occasionally bringing in the work of modern artists and other times adding to the over 35,000 pieces of ancient art that line its halls. Continue the museum trend at the Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum nearby, or head straight to dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant L’Essentiel. It’s warm, welcoming, and features creative dishes like scallops Saint-Jacques with hazelnut oil and butternut or Aquitaine sturgeon atop chestnut risotto. 

Bring our Leather Working Tote along, and let it double as a market shopping bag or museum accompaniment to match the earthy elegance of all that this place is known for. 


Photos © Amanda Flink