The Departure: San Diego

By Lotuff Leather

Aside from last week’s Oakland sojourn, another amazing California city in which to escape the approaching winter is the consistently beautiful San Diego. There’s so much to do here: really astonishing beaches, authentic Mexican food, performing arts- and with its perpetually good weather, all of these things can be enjoyed year-round. 

Start off by watching the sunrise at La Jolla Cove with its panoramic pink skies and crowds of sea lions flanking the rock formations that jut out of the water. While there, while away a few hours kayaking along the shore and inside the sea caves or sitting at the raw bar of the warehouse-turned-eatery that is Herringbone. Don't leave without seeing a production at the Tony-winning La Jolla Playhouse!

San Diego is well-known for having some of the best Mexican food in the country; after all, it’s right over the border. Among those are El Indio, which began selling its awesome tacos in 1940 and hasn’t looked back since, Cafe Coyote, a huge and hugely popular hangout, and the vegetarian and vegan-friendly Pokez. After stopping by one of these places, walk it off at Balboa Park- maybe through the Art Institute or the tranquil Japanese gardens. 

Bring along something in electric blue, like our Zip-Top Medium Tote, and carry the bright energy of San Diego with you.