The Departure: St. Martin

By Lotuff Leather

As the weather gets warmer, the ocean starts calling, and where else to head but the Caribbean? Of all the islands that comprise it, St. Martin — or St. Maarten, alternatively — is one of the most enchanting. The Dutch side is exuberant and the French side tranquil, making for an experience that’s whatever you want it to be: exciting, relaxing, or somewhere in between. 

Beach at St. Martin

Start things off by the beach- Dawn Beach, to be exact. As might be expected from the name, it’s often noted as the best place to watch the sunrise, and offers some pretty amazing snorkeling opportunities for when the rays get a bit too strong. Swing by the Guavaberry Factory  next to try out the island’s signature concoction, a rum made of native guavaberries that are largely only found here. And, thanks to St. Martin’s heritage, this isn’t the only gastronomical treat worth trying. 

View from the top of St. Maarten

Rosemary’s is one of dozens of lolos (locally sourced, locally operated cafés), and serves up a Creole menu that’s heavy on the conch and curry. Definitely find time to eat here before getting back out on the water and chartering a catamaran, or just start the evening early and go straight to the Red Piano. With live music every night and an interior lit to match its name, this is the place to be when the sun finally goes down. 

Bring our Working Tote along— it works as a beach bag by day and large handbag by night to perfectly complement the two sides of St. Martin. 


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