The Modus Operandi: Stitching the Mini Luna

By Lotuff Leather

The third step in the process of making our Mini Luna handbag, stitching is truly where all the pieces begin coming together. Every part of this bag is run under the sewing machine at some point, and due to its curved crescent shape, this isn’t always quite as easy as following a straight line. 

It’s true that not each and every little piece technically needs to be stitched, as some are already cemented together- but while glue peels, tightly and expertly done stitches don’t. We want these bags and all others we make to look as good as they possibly can, and going above and beyond to make sure the Mini Luna’s form and appearance will remain perfectly intact for years is just one way we do so. 

Once our artisans have ascertained that all their stitches are perfect and identical to their counterparts on each other piece, all the finishing knots will be tied by hand. Then, every bag component gets sorted by color, and those knots will be turned and burned to seal them into the leather. There’s still a lot more to do with these Mini Lunas, however, so read on next week to see what we’re doing next with these colorful little bags.

-Liz Silvia