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The Modus Operandi: Stitching the Triumph Briefcase, Part I

By Lotuff Leather

The third step in the process of making our Triumph Briefcase is stitching, which we’re getting started on today in the studio. This particular bag contains over 60 pieces, and because every single one of those pieces passes under the sewing machine or through an artisan’s hands, stitching the Triumph is a decidedly lengthy procedure. Technically, not every tiny component needs to be stitched in order for this bag to be functional, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t do our best to make this bag both operate superlatively and look amazing. 

Right now, we’re focusing on stitching the smaller pieces of the Triumph that have already gone through the splitter and been laminated, such as the interior pockets and tabs. Our stitchers need to be exceptionally attentive to their actions when working with items as little as these, seeing as it can be easier to run astray when there’s less material to hold and control. Because of this, they’re always sure to confirm each piece has been stitched impeccably and identically to all the others before moving on to the next one.

Once we finish running all of these small leather pieces through the machine, checking them for consistency, and hand-tying their finishing knots, they're sorted by type and color. Next, they move on to have the knots turned and burned one-by-one, ensuring they’ll never come loose or untied- meanwhile, the larger pieces of the Triumph take their place at the sewing machine.

-Liz Silvia