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On-Neck Adjustable Floral Handmade Face Cover



We will be donating a portion of the face covers we make to those in need of them within our Providence community.  


Please measure your face before ordering. We have noticed that men typically fit into the adult large and women typically fit into the adult medium, but please read the dimensions carefully before ordering.

Updated with an adjustability feature!

Product Purpose: Please Read

We've sourced vintage floral patterns from a famed French fabric house to make an elegant face cover so you can follow CDC guidelines when going to the grocery store, pharmacy, or just outside for a socially distant walk around the neighborhood. 

Remember, this face cover is not medical grade. We're making these to help preserve the supply of surgical masks and respirators for medical professionals and to allow you to potentially reduce the chance of transmitting germs to others. 

Based on the recommendations of the CDC, this face cover:

  • fits snugly against the side of your face
  • can be secured with ties
  • includes multiple layers of fabric
  • allows for breathing without restriction
  • can be easily washed after each use

Details, Dimensions, & Care 

Each mask has three layers of cotton--one layer of vintage floral fabric and two layers of muslin. This strikes a balance between protection and breathability. 

We are using vintage fabric, so each one will be unique in the section of pattern utilized. 

Each one is handmade in Providence, Rhode Island and purchase supports Lotuff and its team of classically trained artists, who have repurposed their operations to create face shields for the medical community in the midst of this public health crisis. 

Sold by the unit 


Kiddo: 4.25" height x 6" width

Medium Adult: 4.75" height x 7" width

Large Adult: 5.5" height x 8" width


Face: 100% Cotton Fabric

Back: 100% Cotton Muslin


Made in USA of imported material. 


The CDC recommends face covers should be washed routinely based on use--these must be machine washed cold and air dried. Warm iron if needed. 

Adjustability & All-Day Comfort

Our desire to improve our face covers comes from wearing them in our studio throughout the day. Comfort and adjustability are key to staying safe and sane and keeping them on our faces for extended use. 

By having the elastic wrap around the back of your head, our face covers avoid putting long term strain and creating discomfort on your ears. Additionally, the neck design allows you to pull your face cover down to sit on your neck or up to sit on your forehead when you are alone or properly socially distant from others. 

The up-cycled leather tab slides along the length of the elastic, tightening or loosening to your specifications. 



We have exhausted our stock of this fabric and have sold out completely. 

Receive a complimentary set of leather swatches to see the color and feel of our vegetable-tanned leather in person.

Request Swatches
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