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Bringing Handmade Back to America

By Lotuff Leather

We lovingly hand-make each piece using the best methods, leathers, and materials we know.
Each step, from start to finish, is deliberate and methodical. From sourcing the best leather we could find in the global market to cutting, stitching, painting, and assembling precisely in our Providence, Rhode Island studio, we strive for perfection, not expediency. After all, many customers often look back on their purchase and routinely tell us that they are more satisfied now than on that first day they received their bag.
We also believe you must invest in the best people in order to create the best leather bags. Our team attends to every step in-house to provide well made, well designed leather goods that function practically and age beautifully, getting better and more truly yours over time. 
Thank you for your interest and support. Your purchases have enabled us to:
Grow Our Team: We have hired highly talented artists who take immense pride in doing their best work and making the Lotuff bags you've come to know and love. Many of our artists channel their talents into their own personal artistic endeavors outside the Lotuff studio, too.
Invest in Our Team: We have been able to increase wages and offer our full-time employees 100% paid health insurance coverage, life insurance & disability, dental & vision coverage, and generous earned time off that also extends to part-time employees.
Improve Our Artistry: With each new style, we take the time to perfect the process and stand by our lifetime guarantee. It's no wonder our former Creative Director Lindy McDonough was inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and our No. 12 Weekender was picked by GQ as the "Best Leather Duffle" of 2017, 2019, and 2020.