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Our Story

When You Buy Lotuff...

You're supporting a company that believes you must invest in the best people in order to create the best leather bags. Over the past four years, your support has allowed us to: 
Grow Our Team: We have hired 15 highly talented artists who take immense pride in doing their best work and making the Lotuff bags you've come to know and love. 
Invest in Our Team: We have been able to increase wages and offer our full-time employees 100% paid health insurance coverage, life insurance & disability, dental & vision coverage, and generous earned time off that also extends to part-time employees.
Improve Our Artistry: With each new style, we take the time to perfect the process and stand by our lifetime guarantee. It's no wonder our No. 12 Weekender was picked by GQ as the "Best Leather Duffle" of 2017. 
We could not do what we do without you, our customer. Thank you. 

Guaranteed For Life

We lovingly craft each piece using the best methods we know. Each step, from start to finish, is deliberate and methodical. From the cutting to the polishing to the stitching, we strive for perfection, not expediency. 

The result of our efforts manifests itself in multiple ways--not the least of which is our product guarantee and your absolute satisfaction. We guarantee every Lotuff Leather product against material and workmanship defect throughout its life. If your purchase does not live up to your expectation, you are entitled to a full refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your product.

Our Providence Studio

In 2013, we opened our studio in Providence, Rhode Island, a place with a storied history of industrial might and a city that has become known as "America's Creative Capital."

Our studio is unlike any other out there. Many members of our team are young, local artists who help bring our exquisitely made pieces to life while still maintaining their own independent galleries and studio spaces.  

75% of our team is comprised of women, and 65% have at least four-year college degrees. Amongst them, 70% have graduated from some of the most prestigious art institutions in the world, including the Rhode Island School of Design. 

They are what make it possible for an entirely new generation of customers to experience the unparalleled quality and refined nature of handmade leather goods.