That One Thing: James Perse

Each Tuesday, a member of our team picks that one thing he or she is obsessing over. This week, marketing director Greg can't wait to wear this MR PORTER exclusive James Perse tee on his next vacation. 

The Modus Operandi: Assembling the Mini Sling

Every Monday, we're giving an inside look at a step in the process of creating an item that's out on our studio floor right now- what makes us tick, what fuels our fire, what we have to get absolutely right. This is our modus operandi. 

The Weekender: 04.21.17

The Weekender cuts through the excess and picks the best things to take with you this weekend, besides your Lotuff bag. Today, it's a new exhibition on the achievements of Irving Penn and a convention-defying ceramics artist. 

The Weekender