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We'll Always Have Marfa

By Lotuff Leather

The vast desert and oasis that is Marfa has served as an inspiration for many designers of late.  Its untouched, isolated atmosphere is filled with freedom and lightness—making it ideal for visionaries seeking a geographical muse.  

Minimalistic and monochromatic, there is an allure in its quiet beauty.  Artists would seem destined to gain constant inspiration from the town and its surrounding wind-swept lands, and perhaps this is why it has drawn us back again and again.  

Its ambience acts as the perfect canvas, a backdrop upon which any one of our pieces can do what Lotuff does best—i.e., stand out while seamlessly and subtly adapting to its surroundings.  If taking a peek into the not-so-distant past with these photos isn’t enough, here are some of our picks for places to see and things to do in this charming locale.

A visit to Marfa can't happen without seeing Prada Marfa, a physical reflection of modern consumerism shown in the form of a Prada storefront replica and satirically placed in the middle of the barren desert. 

From there, Buns' N' Roses Bakery is an equally quirky place to stop and try the doughnuts and pastries. For something a bit more substantial, though, the Manhattanite-run Cochineal is the place to go. This restaurant can be found in an unassuming adobe building, but its Texan-New York hybrid menu is anything but ordinary. Also created by an out-of-towner who fell in love with Marfa, JM Drygoods is the best boutique around for clothing, housewares, and textiles. 

Finally, for one last dose of art before hitting the road again, check out the Chinati Foundation, a contemporary art museum that heralds permanent and massive exhibitions as a way of connecting art with the nature surrounding it.

- Liz Silvia