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That One Thing: Tim Walker, Story Teller

By Lotuff Leather

Sometimes we all need a break from reality, and to be sure, that break can be found in the whimsical departure which results from immersing yourself in a story. Tim Walker’s ethereal Story Teller, where the acclaimed British photographer shares his visions of eccentrically modern fairy tales, is the perfect antidote to everyday life. While it’s been out for a few years, like any good tale this book is worth coming back to again and again. 

I love this collection of fashion photography because although there are no words or verbal cues to convey what exactly is supposed to be understood and felt through looking through its pages, Walker’s artistic mastery ensures that onlookers can effortlessly see the story behind it all. It’s really wonderful when a creator can convey universal messages in this way, and his work here definitely speaks to the value of subtle expertise.


There’s a dreaminess to every shot in Story Teller, and from the UFOs to the unicorns that find themselves situated in the midst of otherwise normal—if not strikingly beautiful—environments, there’s no shortage of things to be intrigued by. Walker’s use of both models and designers in these scenes brings the notion of the maker and the muse under the same roof in a way that reinforces how interdependent the two really are, and I appreciate that he did this because I think it’s something important to remember. A consummate example of a work that is paradoxically able to make a grounded impression as it lifts away from reality, Story Teller is a stunningly beautiful escape that reminds us not to take life too seriously. 

This article was originally posted in February 2016 and was updated in August 2017.