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That One Thing: Thos. Moser Armchair

By Lotuff Leather

The road to the Thos. Moser Windsor armchair’s perfection isn’t an easy one. Its construction requires many hours of hands-on work so as to create a superior product that has the ability to stand the test of time, and look good while doing it: for example, parts of it are formed from eleven layers of wood that have been painstakingly sliced and sealed together, a detail that’s invisible to the naked eye but that ensures this Windsor chair will endure. 

Wooden chairs are usually harsh objects, based on a sense of utility more so than aesthetic appeal and definitely not associated with comfort. Having been in the furniture industry for over twenty years before joining Lotuff, I can confidently say that this chair is in a class of its own, breaking all of these notions with its sleek and streamlined all-American construction that’s taken years to fine-tune. For me, the shape is just one more thing that adds to the chair’s elegant appeal, with its delicately curved back being nearly harp-like in appearance. Hand-filed and meticulously calculated, made of ethically sourced cherry, it’s more a work of timeless lifestyle art than a mere piece of furniture. 

Hard work and improvement upon tradition are two things that never go out of style, and the Windsor chair luckily exemplifies both- this is one item that’s as beautiful as it is durable, built on a foundation of dedicated, world-class artisanship.