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That One Thing: MNZ Roberta Heel

By Lotuff Leather

Maryam Nassir Zadeh's Roberta pumps are the epitome of understated, easy-to-wear elegance. Hailing from a London-based Iranian family with a history in the fashion industry, Zadeh has never been a stranger to creativity. She made her way over to RISD for her undergraduate studies, where she gained a degree in metalsmithing and textiles, later opening her first New York boutique in 2008.

Today, her shoe designs are gaining more and more momentum with each passing moment as a result of their malleability. They're all undeniably special and beautiful, yet work with any number of looks, making every piece of an ensemble appear a little more refined without stealing the show.

The Roberta, in particular, has been sold out in most stores for months. I love them because they just look so great with everything- the colors are just different enough to stand out. They're the shoe of the spring, approachable-looking with an intellectual edge and appeal. Hopefully they'll be back in stock soon, but until then, these will be on my wishlist.