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The Departure: Cape Cod I

By Lotuff Leather

© Oyster Harbors Estate  

Cape Cod isn’t far at all from our studio, but brings a completely different vibe to the table than Providence’s industrial, rough-hewn feel. Joe and Rick Lotuff, our founders, as well as Lindy McDonough, our creative director, all grew up on the Cape, and it's still one of their favorite places to head back to. Here's an insider look at their idea of a perfect weekend getaway on Cape Cod. 

There are over 100 beaches along the shores of Cape Cod, but the most idyllic one isn't technically a beach at all. Start off the day with Dead Neck, a sandbar hidden away on Grand Island and only accessible by boat. It's a perfect little hidden oasis.

How did Dead Neck get its name? The infamous pirate, Captain Kidd, had a lover named Hannah who lived on the island. Upon returning there one fateful day, Hannah gave him a hard time about being away for so long- and his not-so-tactful response was to bury her up to her neck in the sand and wait for the tide to roll in over her head. But is the story true? Who knows...

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Hop across the bay to Kettle Ho next, an unassuming restaurant and bar with the cheeky slogan, "Not the Ho You Used to Know". Their fried fish is some of the greatest on the Cape and is definitely a must-order. For more amazing seafood, don't end the day without trying Cotuit oysters, harvested right from the bay's cold waters. Lindy swears they're the best. 


The perfect accessory? Our Leather Duffle Backpack, ready for anything the weekend might bring. 

-Liz Silvia