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12 Days of Christmas: For the Elegant Mondaine

By Lotuff Leather

Finding a handbag that transcends fads and trends is often easier said than done. But luckily, that’s where the Tripp comes in. The first handbag to be made in our Providence studio, it’s the ultimate companion for anyone with an innate sense of style and timeless sensibilities. Refinery29 has called the Tripp “sleek and elegant”, and as long as those two words continue to connote what they do, a bag like this one will always be relevant. 

There are close to 200 steps that go into making a Tripp bag; although small, it’s nothing if not superbly made and flawlessly structured. The credit card slots and zipper pocket mean there’s no need for a wallet when carrying it around, and from the triple-gusset interior to the removable strap, there’s plenty of room for both belongings and adaptation.