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12 Days of Christmas: For the Intrepid Wayfarer

By Lotuff Leather

Every type of bag has a defining characteristic: backpacks are easy to carry, tote bags are roomy, and handbags are aesthetically appealing. With all these and more to decide between, it’s a good thing we have a bag that covers the bases, and that bag is the Sling. It’s a great pick for someone who’s always doing something different and doesn’t want to switch bags for every separate occasion. 

The two straps on the Sling can easily be pulled up or down to create a closed backpack or open tote, which can then be carried over the shoulder or in-hand. The interior drop pocket and closure strap help to keep items both big and small safe; between these features and the Sling’s beautifully clean lines, it’s wonderfully suited for any type of scenario and location.