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Jane Aldridge: Chestnut Medium Leather Tote

By Lotuff Leather

The Medium Leather Tote for Women accompanies our friend and on-the-road fasionista, Jane Aldridge, where ever she goes.

Her good humor is always appreciated. An excerpt from her blog reads, "Work brought me here but I’ve finished up and plan to spend the next 48 hours touring the city’s whiskey bars and French bistros. My kind of weekend! I’ve been packing this outfit as my go-to during my many travels. [...] I can cram my whole life into my Lotuff tote pretty much. Honestly at this point it is an all-in-one portable trash can and suitcase."

Jane's photos are a perfect representation of the versatility of Lotuff Leather Tote Bags. Jane's femininity is nicely complimented by the handsome chestnut handbag.

Lotuff Leather is proud to make strong and durable bags that can handle it all.

Photos courtesy Sea of Shoes.