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Tomboy Style Gets Inspired

By Lotuff Leather

Tomboy Style is known for being a consistent source of intriguing and relevant information. Be it historical events and people that impact us today, or the latest news from the fashion front; they've got our attention. That is why we are ecstatic to be the headline of a recent post on their site.

Take a look at what they have to say!

 "Lotuff seems to be peerless when it comes to 21st century American-made luxury leather bag makers. Their timeless aesthetic and dedication to quality is something we don't see too much of anymore. They've been on this blog before, but I couldn't help but post images from their spring lookbook created in collaboration with Barneys New York. All the photos were taken in Marfa, Texas (which in my opinion has some of the most incredible landscapes in the country) by Sarah Murphy and Stefaan dePont of Miles & Miles. Weekend inspiration for miles!"(

Find a link to the Tomboy Style Blog here.