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Essential Homme / The Manual: Leather Backpack

By Lotuff Leather

The Manual and Essential Homme each give their two cents on the Leather Backpack.

 The Manual's Kristian Laliberte provides imaginative descriptions and details, like "sleek rusticity". 

Lotuff Leather is made in America from start to finish. Laliberte describes process and offers factoids, "Splitting, skiving, gluing, stitching, polishing, sanding, polishing again, and painting happening in-house, sourced from vegetable tanned leather (if you’re unfamiliar, only around 10% of all the leather produced in the world is vegetable tanned)."

Laliberte writes, "Kitted out with solid brass hardware, the beauty of this buy is that it can do double-duty as an office briefcase, a smart gym bag, a grad school book holder, a plane carry-on…its’ sleek rusticity fits all the situations you can throw at it"

Essential Homme is just what it sounds like. A men's magazine about the essentials, writing articles exploring the heights of fashion, culture, entertainment, and more.

On July 8th, Essential Homme's Sam Del Rowe shared his thoughts in an article titled "Lotuff Leather Revives All-Leather Backpack"

The article reads, "Joe and Rick Lotuff, brothers and the design team behind Lotuff Leather, have been preserving traditional American craftsmanship for generations. The pair sites their parents and grandparents as primary influences on their commitment to producing high-quality, made-in-America leather goods. Now the brand has reissued its particularly popular leather backpack after months of backorders, appealing to men seeking an alternative to the ubiquitous messenger bag or traditional briefcase. Formerly a wait-list only item, the bag is available now, and we suggest you hurry given its previous popularity and limited availability."

Del Rowe goes on to describe the Leather Backpack, "Constructed of vegetable-tanned leather in the brand’s Norwalk, Connecticut factory, the backpack is a marriage of aesthetics and functionality. Three separate interior pockets, including a zippered one, are perfect for storing a laptop and documents. Additional exterior pockets at the top and back easily hold a tablet, passport, or other small items that require easy access. Yet all this storage space hardly sacrifices style: with a fully leather interior and gold-tone buckles, this backpack easily compares to any briefcase. So if you’re still using your backpack from high school (you know, the one with all those extraneous straps and buckles intended for mountaineering), look no further and wait no longer for an upgrade."

We thoroughly enjoyed getting Kristian and Sam's point of view on the Leather Backpack.