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Passing the Airport Business Lounge Test, One Leather Bag at a Time

By Greg Moniz

There's something to be said for dressing well during travel. In its golden age, roughly from the 1950s to the 1970s, dressing well while in transit was a given. Unfortunately, the standards have devolved. Flip-flops and sweatpants are as common as beeping security gates and pesky security agents. 

But we still believe in the art of dressing well during travel. After all, travel is one of the few things that constantly generates new impressions--new views, landscapes, people, cultures, experiences. Why not look your best when introducing yourself to all those things? 

We take it as welcome news to hear Qantas Airways, Australia's #1 airline, will begin implementing a dress code in its business lounges throughout the island continent. From Syndey to Adelaide, each lounge will require a certain standard for entry. This is no problem for us--our travel bags were designed and built to distinguish themselves from the hum-drum masses that dominate the travel bag landscape. 

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