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The Weekender: 08.07.15

By Greg Moniz

The Weekender cuts through the excess and picks the best things to take with you this weekend, beside your Lotuff ba

  • This Is Your Captain Speaking: An interview with transcontinental commercial pilot and author Mark Zanhoenacker on his new book Skyfaring, a love letter to the wonder, mystery, genius and experience of flight itself. | New York Times |
  • Global Guggenheim: The Guggenheim has released a beautiful iPad app for browsing the museum's vast collection of modern and contemporary art, including exhibitions and archives. | Guggenheim |
  • Bergman & Rossellini | Ingrid Bergman passed on her beauty and timelessness to her daughter, the actress Isabella Rossellini. In preparation for a centennial exhibit of Bergman's classic style at the Museum of Modern Art, T Magazine sits down with Isabella Rossellini as she reflects on what her mother means to the world and to her. | T Magazine
  • To Pour or Not to Pour? : Should the sommelier cede control after the first glass is poured? Oenophile Alice Feiring walks through the shifting opinions on the roles of the sommelier and the diner. | The Feirling Line |