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That One Thing: Sleepy Jones Pajamas

By Greg Moniz

There's only so much traveling and working to be done. When my briefcase and duffle are themselves decompressed and at rest, I break out my comfort clothes. 

Soon, nights and mornings will be crisp and cool, and I'll be spending more time with favorite pieces of cloth: my Sleepy Jones pajamas. Sleepy Jones is the latest baby of the consummate creative Andy Spade, and it's a baby trained to always peacefully sleep through the night. Each pajama set is classically designed and expertly made of the finest and softest materials. (Sounds familiar, doesn't it?) 

Putting on my Sleepy Jones instantly transports me to a world of groggy comfort, where stress is a foreign language and I am in charge of my own leisurely destiny. Sometimes I pretend I'm waking up or dozing off at one of my favorite hotels, settled in after hours of arduous travel. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to be doing just that. Other times I'm content in my own comfortable home, not thinking about the moment when the pajamas will be tucked away and the world will call once again. 

Shop Sleepy Jones here.