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The Weekender: 08.28.15

By Greg Moniz

Georgia Modern: A classic London block of Georgian townhouses and meticulous English gardens contains a hidden modern "piazza," home to Ruth and Richard Rogers. Tour their home. | Nowness |

Post It: WELL RECEIVED, a new line of impeccable stationary made from a mix of materials, will have you writing and sending letters all weekend. | WELL RECEIVED

Old Cape Cod: The quieter towns of Cape Cod capture the imaginations of the thoughtful creative set looking to avoid the whirling buzz of Nantucket and the Hamptons. | The New York Times |

JFK -> LAX: Both jarring and calming, Jeffery Millstein's aerial work of our most developed cities gives a unique perspective on the accidental and deliberate outcomes of building the American dream. | designboom |

Samurai Knives: The Higonokami dates back to the 1800s as a samurai favorite. Its history and craft is explained. | core77 |