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The Departure: The Vineyards of Chàteauneuf-du-Pape

By Lotuff Leather

Famous for the production of red wines since the 1300s, the Provençal commune of Chàteauneuf-du-Pape is rife with picturesque vineyards such as Domaine de Beaurenard. Descend into the cellars and vinification buildings before tasting some of their best reds, dominated by Grenache and Syrah. 


Interestingly, Syrah and Shiraz, while technically the same variety of grape, have very different flavors associated with the location in which they're grown, hence the variation in name. 

Venture over to Ogier, situated in the middle of a beautiful, stony property since 1859, and sample the distinction in palate that results from the same variety of grape being grown in four types of soil. Their wines aren't available in America, but that's just another reason to visit, isn't it? 

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- Elizabeth Silvia