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The Departure: Avignon and Arles

By Lotuff Leather

Once inside the walled-in city of Avignon, make a beeline for the gloomily majestic 14th-century Palais des Papes, where the Roman Catholic church was based for decades.

Feeling almost untouched by time save for the occasional art exhibit or sign posting, a good part of the day can be spent here before drifting over to the famed Pont d’Avignon and admiring the reflective waters of the Rhone River.


Afterwards, visit Arles, the city known for its Roman arenas, aged monasteries, and settings of many of Van Gogh’s paintings. The local art museum, Fondation Vincent Van Gogh d’Arles, actually only has one of his works of art – a small self-portrait – on display, but the unbeatable views of the myriad streets below off its rooftop deck make this place well worth seeing.

Two towns with serious history call for a serious bag. With our English Briefcase on your shoulder, you'll be able to carry your guidebooks, maps, travel journal, and camera all together. 

- Liz Silvia