The Departure: Nice, France

By Lotuff Leather

The beaches of the French Riviera have a year-round allure, and the city of Nice plays welcome host to those looking to take in their beauty. 

With a casual yet cosmopolitan setting that offers everything from sophisticated shops to waterfront dining on the pebbly sand, the many people, both French and foreign alike, who flock here know what they're doing. 

The city, located just an hour's drive from the Italian border, shows its neighbor's influence. Get a literal taste of it by heading over to the Fenocchio, a parlour boasting upwards of sixty flavors of gelato such as violet, iced chestnut, and Bailey's. 

After being dragged away, wander back to the beaches before sunset. When ending the day facing the waves as the sky's colors turn strikingly bright, electric even, framed by palm trees and accented by the rushing cacophony of cars, it's hard not to feel a part of something magical. 

The streets of Nice beg for some roaming, so take a bag fit for moderate travel: the not-too-big, not-too-small, perfectly sized Zip-Top Medium Tote: