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How to See Paris: Sarah and Stefaan of Miles + Miles

By Lotuff Leather

November 14, 2015: We were stunned and saddened to hear about the awful events that took place in Paris on the evening of November 13th. Paris is a city dear to us: its beauty, people, and culture a constant inspiration, and the setting for our fall 2015 look book. The people of Paris are deeply in our thoughts as they begin to heal and find peace, and we're continually reminded about what makes Paris such a beautiful, special, and inspirational place for millions around the world: 

Traveling duo Sarah and Stefaan of Miles & Miles have spent the past few years traveling the world over, from Tulum to Tanzania and seemingly everywhere in between. They recently set their sights on Paris, hoping to find great coffee and the inspiration that comes with cheer urban wandering. (The French are particularly good at both.) They discovered a special, lavish city whose residents are proud to call it home:

When on a journey, Sarah and Stefaan often have a habit, intentional or not, of arriving at their destinations late in the night after most establishments are already closed down. Despite this, their favorite Parisian attribute might just be the food.

If they make it to the City of Lights in time for dinner, as they did this time, they always find gastronomic success by straying off the beaten path. In deviating from overrun streets such as the Champs-Elysées or the Boulevard Saint-Germain and establishments filled with people every nationality but French, the hidden spots appear almost magically. 

No matter the actual time of arrival, they both agree the best next-day activity – particularly if it’s rainy and overcast, as Paris is known to be – is people watching with an espresso or cappuccino at “any café on any corner. And they literally are on every corner.” They managed to narrow down their favorite finds this time around to Ten Belles, Rose Bakery, Merci, and Liberté, where they spent some time soaking in the visual delight that is Parisian street style: “Everyone is timeless, classic, and in beautiful dark tones this time of year. And of course the impeccable shoes!”

No trip to this city would have been complete without their Lotuff bags, of course. Charles de Gaulle is a notorious airport known for its confusing layout, but with the help of the No. 12 Weeekender Bag, the duo skipped the baggage claim and caught a quick Uber straight into the heart of Paris.

Once there, Sarah found her natural Tripp to be ideal for the casual café life. But when a bit more storage space was in order, her Sling Backpack and Stefaan’s indigo Zipper Backpack turned out to be perfectly “practical for carrying baguettes” fresh out of the boulangerie and bringing flowers purchased from an outdoor market back to their apartment. 

 From wandering the city on foot and bicycle to watching it go by from the table of an outdoor cafe, Sarah and Stefaan soaked in the visual delights of one of the world's most special and enchanting cities.  Explore our lookbook and their site for more photos and details about their travels.