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That One Thing: Trickers x END. Boots

By Lotuff Leather

Tricker’s is a 180-year-old company based out of Northampton, England, where they still produce high-quality and aesthetically pleasing shoes to this day. Out of all their products, I love the Club Sole Stow Boots not only because it carries on Tricker’s longstanding commitment to sartorial excellence, but also for its modern, up-to-the-minute look.   What’s exciting about these boots is that they are made in a very traditional English way, with hand-stitched Goodyear welting and a very durable construction that will likely last forever.

This collaboration with END., a British retailer, means that, for the first time, there are more contemporary colors and leather combinations available in Tricker’s collection than the standard brown and black, just in time for the colder weather to roll in. I could see myself wearing the Stow Boots with something accordingly warm and cozy--probably dark jeans, a wool button-up, and a bomber jacket.

To me, the overwhelmingly autumnal atmosphere of Vermont and Maine, with their gorgeous foliage and amazing comfort food, makes them the perfect place to show off these shoes. They’d even fit right in at their original “stomping grounds”, though, so to speak--a cool place like London is just the location for showing off streamlined, unique accessories. I’m enamored with traditional craft--and I personally love blue shoes--so this fresh take on a very traditional brogue boot has me obsessed, no matter where I might end up wearing them. 

Take a peek at the pair here