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The Departure, Barcelona III

By Lotuff Leather

Heaps of dining options abound in Barcelona, but for a combination of Catalan hospitality and familiar American fare in a cozily endearing environment, take a trip to Brunch & Cake. Upon entering the door, personable waiters in suspenders and hats guide patrons to rustic wooden tables topped with floral arrangements, all within view of their unofficial slogan: “In Grandmothers We Trust.”

Indicative of their dedication to homestyle comfort food, albeit with a modern twist, Brunch & Cake offers dishes such as toasted coconut bread topped with poached pears and cream cheese, or a face-sized bagel filled with egg, feta, turkey, and roasted tomatoes. 

Top it all off with a caramel or vanilla latte--arguably the best in the city. Nearby, discover the Museum of Modernism for an art fix, then head to the Plaça de Catalunya to do some shopping and admire some sculptures. The Plaça is the midpoint from which most of Barcelona’s main streets emanate, so take this as an opportunity to explore some well-known hangouts and unearth another new favorite restaurant or two. 

The streets of Barcelona are filled with beauty and passion, so take along our red Zipper Satchel #9 to complement Barcelona vibes.