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The Modus Operandi: Packaging and Shipping

By Lotuff Leather

The very last cog in the wheel of Lotuff’s bag-making process is the packaging of every product before being sent out into the world. While not, by any means, as complicated as some of the other steps, packaging is nonetheless wildly important: it’s a reflection of who we are as a brand and a reinforcement of how special our products are.

Because of this, we aren’t willing to use any old boxes and materials, but we’d likewise never want our packaging to seem unnecessary or excessive. Our solution, then, is to domestically source our items from manufacturers willing to work with us in order to create sophisticated yet simple gift boxes and letterpress stationary. The end exterior result is a distinguished cordovan-colored box embossed with the Lotuff name, inside which every bag or accessory is settled, typically with a handwritten letterpress note meant to thank customers for supporting our passion and wishing them the best with their new item.

Before this can happen, though, every piece getting ready to be shipped has to be thoroughly and painstakingly inspected to ensure there are no imperfections anywhere, from the stitches to the corners and edge sealing. Once we’re sure everything is in first-class working order, the bag is given a final shine with our Leather Elixir, and then finally, it’s ready to be set into one of those sturdy wine-red boxes – which double as an ideal storing place for our bags when not in use – and shipped off to its new home- whether that be just down the road in New England or through international borders halfway around the world.


- Liz Silvia