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Bag #286

By Lotuff Leather

Bag #286 The Working Tote and Whitney in the Delaware dove fields.

We’re happy to announce a new series for our American Craftsman blog called

Let Lotuff Tell Your Story.

Did you use your Working Tote to carry your picnic to the park under the Eiffel Tower? Does the English Briefcase accompany you on your morning cab commute across the city? Did you keep your iPad safe in our flap over case during your flight across the Atlantic?

We love nothing more than to see our bags become an important part of your lives. So we'd love to see your bag in action. When you are experiencing a memorable moment and Lotuff is with you for it, take a picture and send it our way!

In addition to the photo, all you need to send is the unique product ID, the location of where the photo was taken, and, if you'd like, a brief description of how Lotuff helped make that moment special.

We’re hoping to show that what was birthed in a small shop in New England is now making its away across the globe, from the bustling streets of New York to the ski slopes of Switzerland to the shores of the Caribbean, and helping to tell your unique story.

Send all entries to