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The Zipper Satchel no. 9

By Lindy McDonough

The Zipper Satchel #9

At Lotuff Leather, our goal is to make the finest 'Made in America' men's leather goods available. We are seekers of the fine and the unique. We cut no corners and spare no expense all the name of creating products that will enhance your life. We've come to be known as having no exterior logos, using only the finest vegetable-tanned leather and solid-brass hardware, and designing our bags to be serviced and cared for over the years.

We set off a year ago to make a women's bag that fit into our core aesthetic - a true women's bag influenced by our tradition of excellence in men's wear.

We wanted to create a timeless yet interesting shape. So we drew inspiration from the boys and used the golden ratio of proportion with a slight lengthening, resulting in a slightly thinner and taller silhouette. The bag needed to be structural yet soft, so we chose to fully leather line it with the same quality leather both inside and out. This allows for the bag to stand tall and not slouch over time, yet it stays soft and supple to the touch.

We wanted the bag to effortlessly transition from casual to formal situations, with a direct influence coming from great women who have the effortless 'dressing down' routine to a science.

Trends are often visibly represented in hardware, which can date the bag. So we just stripped the hardware down to only the essential. The hunter green color was influenced by our favorite iconic waxed-cotton jacket, and the hand-braided tassel was inspired by a riding crop for distinction.

This bag is a game changer and sets the bar quite high for quality. After all, quality needs to be expected for a domestically manufactured bag.

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