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Introducing the Bridle Triumph II Briefcase

By Lotuff Leather

Bridle leather undergoes an intensive tanning process in order to look as gorgeous as it does. Seeing as our Triumph Briefcase is one of the most beautiful and unique briefcases we make, it only made sense to us to take things to another level with a bridle version. An exceptionally handsome piece that’s guaranteed for life (and guaranteed to forever be the best-looking attaché in the room), the Triumph II has all the same features of the original in a shinier, sleeker frame.

Lotuff Leather Bridle Triumph II Briefcase in cognac

This briefcase expands from an initial depth of 3.5 inches all the way up to 9, so whether totally void of contents or stuffed with a laptop, notebooks, and documents, it’ll always look great. The extended zipper allows for ease of opening, and inside, there’s three full-length compartments as well as small pockets designed for a phone, cards, and keys.


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