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Profiling the Bridle Compass Lock Briefcase

By Lotuff Leather

Possibly one of the most singularly stunning pieces we make at Lotuff, the Bridle Compass Lock Briefcase is a tour de force that brings a sense of class and refinement wherever it goes. It’s made of gorgeously solid and smooth bridle leather, with a solid brass combination lock in the shape of a compass so any and all belongings can be safely guarded. 

The Compass Lock Briefcase, like the Triumph, has an accordion-style triple-gusset design that lets it adjust with the times: whether resting at its original two-inch width or expanding up to eight inches, it fluidly fits whatever the workday might require. 

Structurally, the briefcase’s handle contains seven layers of leather as well as custom brass rivets throughout, preserving its strength and sophisticated appearance. The interior has three full-length pockets and various smaller ones for pens, phones, keys, and more- in essence, the person who carries the Compass Lock is the person who has it all together.