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Profiling the Bridle Duffle Travel Bag

By Lotuff Leather

Everyone needs a great travel bag in their life for impromptu weekend trips or business travel, and our Duffle Travel Bag is the perfect classic design. Forbes agrees, calling it “one of the most luxurious ways to pack for a short getaway”—and why not up the luxury even more? The Bridle Duffle Travel Bag is our exceptional take on the original, but it’s not just a pretty face. Bridle leather is even stronger than our usual vegetable-tanned leather, and with a little bit of care, it’ll withstand anything life and travel sends its way. There’s a reason bridle has continued to be made the same way since the 19th century!

The Bridle Duffle Travel Bag has an extended zipper and interior drop pocket for easy packing of all your necessities. Anything as light as clothing or as heavy as a few bottles of your favorite libation can readily be carried with the included shoulder strap or wrapped handles, and since those handles conform to the shape of your hand over time, each use is more comfortable than the last. Sized to fit right into the overhead compartment of an airplane, this is a bag that can really go the distance and emerge on the other side looking even better than before.


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