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Profiling the Leather Duffle Travel Bag

By Lotuff Leather

Going somewhere? If so, the Leather Duffle Travel Bag might be the perfect accompaniment. Forbes has called it “one of the most luxurious ways to pack for a short getaway”, and because it’s designed to be both strong and stunning, this duffle will harmonize with its settings no matter where that getaway happens to be (Adam Driver has even been spotted carrying it on the way to catch a flight).

Lotuff Leather Duffle Travel Bag in chestnut

The Leather Duffle Travel Bag has an extended zipper for easy packing, removable padded shoulder strap for easy carrying- and as a result of the all-brass hardware and rich vegetable-tanned leather from which it’s made, it’s easy on the eyes, too. Sized to fit right into the small storage spaces allotted on a plane or train, it’s a bag that can go anywhere and will continue to do so for years into the future. 


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