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Profiling the Luna Handbag

By Lotuff Leather

Like our Arc Shoulder Bag, the Luna is one of our new women’s styles with a curved silhouette that lets it balance on its own and look like a sculpture out of a museum. While the Arc aligns in style with our Leather Locking Crossbody, though, the Luna has a structure and look that’s more similar to the ever-popular Tripp handbag. 

The exterior of the Luna, along the same line as the Tripp, is smooth and unadorned (save for an added exterior pocket that’s perfect for holding boarding passes, train tickets, and other quickly-needed items). Inside, it contains a zipper pocket and built-in card slots- no wallet necessary with this bag, although there’s definitely room for one if so inclined. 

Technicalities aside, it’s the contrast lining and soft lines that ultimately set the Luna apart as a special bag. It’s a piece that stands out unexpectedly — opening it to find a bright splash of color, swaying it back and forth on a table — but never unnecessarily. And, for a smaller companion, there’s the Mini Luna. It’s a bit more compact, but the same as the original in every other way.