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Profiling the Small Leather Duffle

By Lotuff Leather

The smaller sibling of our Leather Duffle Travel Bag, the Small Leather Duffle is the ultimate piece for light travelers who aren’t willing to compromise on style. Touted by Bloomberg as one of the best day bags on the market and by GQ as “the ideal size for a night or two on the road”, it’s an item that conveys itself fluidly from street to train to hotel or Airbnb. 

As implied, our Small Leather Duffle is sized to fit a day’s worth of clothing and the necessary accompaniments, with an interior zippered drop pocket to catch all the small stuff. Its crossbody shoulder strap is padded for carrying comfort, and with an extended top zipper and double-layered bottom, everything will fit inside easily and stay in place until ready to be taken out and used.