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Profiling the Tripp II Handbag

By Lotuff Leather

With the Tripp still standing as our best-selling women’s bag and the Mini Tripp already in existence, our most recent addition to the family is the Tripp II. It’s just as if the original were an image, and we resized it to fit a different set of needs- in this case, those of customers looking for the Tripp silhouette but room for more contents. 

Therefore, as suggested, the proportions of the Tripp II are the same as its smaller counterpart. It also still contains slots for credit cards inside — six, instead of the Tripp’s four — and in addition to the interior zipper pocket, there’s an extra open one for any other loose small items. 

From carrying around a book, iPad mini, and phone charger all at once to waiting as a relatively empty vessel for any unforeseen miscellania, the Tripp II is designed to be a useful mid-size piece for the everyday. It fits all the necessities and more, but is still easy to carry thanks to its crossbody strap. Just like the Tripp and its Mini, it’s a smart and sleek bag that’ll stay in style for the days to come and more.