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Reserving Your Holiday Items

By Lotuff Leather

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, Lotuff is inviting you to pre-order some of our best-selling bags, both new styles and perennial favorites. We’ve released several new silhouettes and colors into our collection, and as their popularity has quickly led to backorders when combined with demand for classic customer favorites, we want to be sure you’ll have these items by mid-December. 

Rather than homogenizing new designs for the sake of production speed (and at the cost of reduced diversity in design), we’re dedicated to growing our line through attending to your desires for product variation. 

On top of adding new colors for bags like the Tripp, some of our other new designs — the Luna, Mini Luna, and Arc — are two-toned, with contrast linings. It’s a design detail that allows every bag to be a little bit different, but this means not only cutting two different colors for each one: the edge paint and stitching is different from the exterior to interior, too. This detail that increases the time needed to make a bag is also what makes our new designs so popular. 


It’s something we’re happy to be doing, and in order to help us achieve our goals, we’re creating a pre-order system for these styles and a few others. Orders must be placed before October 20th for delivery by December 15th, and a deposit of 50% is required for product reservation. Shop them here.