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Bridle Collection

We've spent the past two years searching globally for the best vegetable-tanned and fully struck-through bridle leather, sampling hides from around the world. After selecting only the best leather we could find, we took some of our most popular styles along with some new designs and crafted a truly unrivaled collection.

Bag #A046

This English briefcase takes a rest during its owner Linhbergh's trip to Phoenix, Arizona. See this picture and others at his blog here.

Meet George Vlagos, the Man Behind Oak Street Bootmakers

When George Vlagos was a teenager growing up in suburban Chicago, his father John summoned him to be his apprentice during weekends and times off from school. John, a cobbler who immigrated from Greece at 18, made his son toil with his hands to clean, polish, and service shoe after shoe after shoe. It was an experience meant to sear into George the strenuousness of working with one's hands and the importance of pursuing an education so he could one day find a different type of work outside of the family business. Well, the plan didn't work out exactly as John had planned. His son, of course, did go on to graduate college and receive a master's degree. But those days...

Craft: A Grandfather's Therapy, A Grandson's Inheritance

Joe Lotuff assembling the train set he inherited from his grandfather. William F. Buckley Jr. is quoted as saying "industry is the enemy of melancholy." I'm reminded of this thought every time I think of my grandfather and the set of scale model locomotives he passed down to me. It was sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s when my grandmother was involved in a serious car accident that planted her in bed for about a year. My grandfather took care of her and didn't leave the house much until she was better. During this time, he developed a scale model railroad. He would go every week to Henry's Hobby House in Worcester to pick up a new locomotive...