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That One Thing: Allied Maker

By Lotuff Leather

Long Island shines a light brighter than most, thanks to Allied Maker and its creators Ryden and Lanette Rizzo. They’ve been designing incredibly beautiful, “meticulously engineered” chandeliers and sconces together since 2012, and their diverse expertise in other artistic fields like woodworking and jewelry give a singular touch to each fixture.  What’s more, they guarantee each one to last through the years, using handpicked finishes ranging from locally-sourced wood to metals like brass and bronze. 

As for the designs themselves, Allied Maker turns to time-honored silhouettes for inspiration. Rather than reinventing the wheel—or, should we say, the lamp—they turn the classic into the contemporary, keeping all the original utility and bringing everything up to speed with new shapes and styles. 

Allied Maker artisan at work

As evidenced by all the solid-brass hardware we use on our bags, I’m partial to high-quality materials, so I couldn’t not order their Brass T light. I’ve met Ryden and Lanette before, and I always appreciate supporting other businesses with the same ethos as us. High-caliber small batches, minimalist design sensibility, and made-in-house designs are as important to Allied Maker as they are to Lotuff, and I’m looking forward to having one of their pieces hanging in my home for decades.