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That One Thing: AMMA Studio Drum Stools

By Lotuff Leather

Samuel Amoia and Fernando Mastrangelo of AMMA Studio are no armchair critics. Creating furniture with the help of unconventional materials like salt and coffee, they possess both the vision and the means to bring to life these unique conceptions that defy the traditional.  

It doesn’t even seem logical to call a concrete bench or table “beautiful” or “inviting”, but these designers are challenging that notion with the care and creativity they put into their work. Some of the elements they use retain their natural coloring in the finished product and some have added pigment, but either way, Amoia and Mastrangelo succeed at making exceptional pieces that feel at once rough-hewn yet delicately molded. 

Of all their furniture, my favorite design is the drum stool. I like the chaotic and random beauty of the raw materials mixing together in a strict, man-made form. It becomes about the interaction of the material, texture and color by using a very simple shape, and between the embellishments made of BB pellets, silica, or sand, it’d be impossible to say that AMMA is anything but daring and original.